"Market leading service; it’s not just a catch phrase, we believe in it. It’s our credibility and our reputation both as a company and as individuals, as professionals."

Founder and president – Darren A. Wallace

When you turn to Finishing Innovations, you turn to the market leader in orthopedic metal finishing. Regardless of lot size (large or small) our full service finishing operation will competitively meet your company’s delivery demands and quality requirements consistently and reliably.

We offer fast, reliable service to clients both major orthopedic companies and major orthopedic company vendors alike. Whether your lot size is large or small, Finishing Innovations can meet your needs to deliver a superior finished product.

Our key processes are fully validated to customer requirements and to applicable technical standards. The major services we provide include:

  • Validated Hard Chrome
  • Validated Titanium Anodize
  • Validated Laser Etch
  • Validated Citric passivation
  • Validated Nitric Passivation
  • Electropolishing
  • Hand Polishing
  • Glass Beading
  • Heavy Grit (rubber overmold)
  • Vibratory Finishing
  • Instrument Salvage
Titanium Anodize (Color and Type II)

Finishing Innovations has raised the bar on rapid turnaround high quality orthopedic titanium anodizing. No matter the complexity, lot size or delivery requirement; Finishing Innovations can tailor a process that meets your company’s unique needs that deliver implants to your customers faster, consistently and competitively.

Hard Chrome Electroplating
Finishing Innovations has been the orthopedic market leader in hard chrome plating for over a decade. Our hard chrome plating process is the fastest in orthopedics with around the clock processing , daily late night shipping, and 24 hr customer service availability . Our customer service culture will always meet the challenge of your company’s toughest delivery challenges.
Laser Etch

Why ship product to different vendors for various processing requirements? Finishing Innovations can meet all your product finishing processing needs. In many cases, anodized implants require only laser etching to be a complete product. Finishing Innovations etches thousands of implants monthly for its customer base saving them time and money. Make your supply chain more efficient by "bundling" service requirements with FI.

Full Service Finishing Provider

Increase your supply chain efficiency by taking advantage of "one stop shopping" at Finishing Innovations. Take advantage of reduced shipping cost and shipping lead times by allowing Finishing Innovations expert finishers to take your product to completion. Ship product once, compress your lead times, and save significant money by bundling services with Finishing Innovations.